Accessories, Batteries and More:

Imagine driving through the parking lot at a tailgate party with a custom golf cart personalized around your favorite sports team. Think of yourself cruising down the cart path at a country club on a sunny morning in a beautifully styled custom golf cart.


Envision yourself taking a quick trip to the grocery store while listening to your favorite music on your custom golf cart's radio, the wood grain dash shining in the sun. All these dreams can become reality with custom golf carts from J.R. Golf Carts.


Custom Golf Carts: Offering virtually infinite options for custom golf carts, you can choose from features including:


* Radios and stereos
* Heaters
* Wood-grain dashes
* Theme cars
* Custom bodies
* Custom paint
* Custom seats
* Custom bumpers
* Custom steering wheels
* Aluminum wheels


Whether it's to commemorate your favorite sports team, express your personal style, or create a branded company cart for your company or apartment complex, custom golf carts are a unique and fun way to get around in style.


We offer a number of options to let you get exactly what you've been dreaming of. From custom paint jobs to lift kits and big tires, our custom golf carts are second to none. Plus, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, you can be confident in the quality of all our customization jobs.


Let us bring your dream to life with a beautiful and well-built custom golf cart. Call us today for more information.